Steel Doors

SECURALL heavy-duty prehung steel doors are built with the highest standards in quality, design and functionality. Our doors are constructed of 18 gauge galvannealed steel and have vertical steel stiffeners inside the door panel for extraordinary strength and durability. SECURALL 18 gauge doors are Level 2 Heavy Duty as defined by the Steel Door Institute. They are appropriate for use in hotels, offices, schools and hospitals. Extra Heavy Duty 16 gauge doors are also available as well as Maximum Duty 12 gauge doors for higher security applications. For corrosive or saltwater environments, we offer stainless steel doors and frames in both type 304 and type 316 stainless. Optional insulation is also available for exterior applications. R9 rigid foam is used for non-rated doors and R6.5 rockwool is used for fire rated doors.

Quick Mount Doors and Sub-Frames by SecurallĀ® are ready-to-install into pre-existing door openings. The Quick Mount door and sub-frame can be used to quickly replace an old door or to change the handing/swinging of an opening. Quick Mount Doors come with all hardware pre-installed. We use high quality Grade 2 hardware, and the door is available in a variety of configurations. Quick Mount Doors and Sub-Frames are designed to be the ideal product for the replacement door market and can be used to quickly secure any pre-existing opening. Quick Mount doors come in two thicknesses of steel, 18 gauge or 16 gauge, while, all sub-frames are 14 gauge steel.

Securall Tornado Safe Doors are constructed in accordance with the Federal Emergency Management Agency's (FEMA) guidelines and the International Code Council's (ICC-500) standard for tornado shelter doors. This design is based on extensive research on the cause and effects of windstorm damage to buildings. When combined with a shelter that also adheres to FEMA guidelines and ICC standards, a Storm Safe Door will provide a high degree of occupant protection during extreme windstorms (tornados and hurricanes).