Battery Storage Building

Lithium-ion battery fires are happening more often. In all of these lithium-ion fires, it is not a slow burn; there's not a small amount of fire, it literally explodes, It's a tremendous volume of fire as soon as it happens, and it's very difficult to extinguish and so it's particularly dangerous. Securall offers a comprehensive solution for designing storage lockers or buildings specifically tailored to the unique requirements of storing batteries.

Li-Ion Battery Charging Building


Lithium-ion batteries (Li-ion batteries) are a type of rechargeable battery that has become widely popular for various electronic devices and electric vehicles. They are known for their high energy density, lightweight design, and relatively low self-discharge rate, making them a preferred choice in many applications.   

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Securall offers a comprehensive solution for designing storage lockers or buildings specifically tailored to the unique requirements of storing batteries. This is particularly important given the specific considerations and potential safety concerns associated with battery storage.    How to Store Lithium-Ion Batteries


Temperature Controlled Custom Battery Storage Building

Here's a breakdown of some key features and options:

  • Air Conditioning and Heating:

    • Controlling the temperature is crucial for battery storage, and having options for both air conditioning and heating allows for maintaining an optimal storage environment.

  • Fire Suppression:

    • Fire suppression systems are critical for safety, especially when dealing with battery storage. Quick response systems can help contain fires before they escalate.

  • Sump Liners:

    • Sump liners can be important for containing any potential leaks or spills, providing an added layer of protection and making it easier to manage and clean up in the event of a spill.

  • Fiberglass Floor Grating:

    • Fiberglass floor grating can be a durable and corrosion-resistant choice, providing structural support while allowing for airflow and drainage.

  • Fire Rating:

    • A fire-rated design of up to four hours indicates a high level of fire resistance, which is crucial for containing and preventing the spread of fire in the event of an incident.

Securall's offerings address various aspects of safety, environmental control, and structural integrity, which are all essential considerations when storing batteries. Given the potential risks associated with batteries, having a purpose-built storage solution with these features can contribute to both safety and the longevity of the stored batteries.

Custom options available, please ask sales associate.

If you have specific needs or requirements for battery storage, it's recommended to work closely with professionals or experts from Securall to ensure that the design meets your specific use case and complies with relevant safety standards and regulations.

Explosion Proof Heater & Air Conditioner

Explosion Proof Heater & Air Conditioner for Battery Storage Building 

Fiberglass Floor Grating

Fiberglass Floor Grating

Work Bench

Work Bench for Battery Placement

Lighting & Electrical

Lighting & Electrical Outlets for Battery Charging