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*Door Style Manual Self-Closing Sliding Self-Close, Self-Latch Safe-T-Door
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Dual Access     Wall Mountable    Stackable (Stacking Bracket Provided)   Kick Recess   Vents 
Casters (Adds 4-1/2" to height)
Leveling Legs
SA4 Hold-down brackets
Polyethylene Cabinet (for use with Nitric & Sulfuric Acids) Angle Legs ( Adds 6 1/4" to Height, Includes leveling legs)
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Stainless steel cabinets: Unless otherwise specified, all exposed welds will be cleaned and wire brushed.
IMPORTANT: Not recommended for the storing of Nitric or Sulfuric Acid.  Consider adding a polyethylene cabinet (PE3045) for the storage of such materials.
Lead Time: 5 weeks or sooner

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