Explosive Storage Magazines

Type2 magazine Securall Explosive Storage Magazines provide safe and compliant storage options for both High and Low Explosives. We manufacture Type 2, Type 3 and Type 4 Magazines for indoor or outdoor uses. 

Explosive logo Our Type 2 Outdoor Magazines’ Bullet-Resistant design meets or exceeds the ATF specs at CFR 555.11 (pg. 75 ATF Ruling 76-18 (b)). All Securall Magazines are designed to be Weather, Fire and Theft Resistant. Additionally, Securall is the only Magazine Manufacturer currently offering an optional upgrade of 2 hour Fire-Rated Walls. Also, our proprietary wall design has been tested and rated to withstand F-5 Tornado winds and associated impacts (Texas Tech University Wind Science and Engineering Research Center).

Type 3 Day Boxes - Commonly called Day Boxes these magazines are designed to secure smaller amounts of explosives for use in the field. Day Boxes are easily portable and can serve to safely transport and store explosives to and from the work site. These can be mounted to a vehicle or trailer if desired, or left free standing to be carried. Units are manufactured with a 12 Gauge, single wall construction lined with a non-sparking material.

Type 4 Magazines are designed to store Low Explosives and can be placed indoors or outdoors. Our Type 4 magazines are made of steel and are all weather, theft and fire resistant. These units are constructed of a 12 gauge, formed, outer wall and are lined on the interior with ½” plywood sheets. 2 hooded hasps for padlocks are placed on the door to prevent tampering and forced entry.