21-24 Cylinder Storage Cabinets

Features & Specifications


Securall offers Medical Gas Cylinder Storage Cabinets for safe and compliant storage of portable oxygen cylinders. These Oxygen Gas Cylinder Storage Cabinets are ideal for hospitals and nursing homes for convenient access. Securall storage cabinets store oxygen gas cylinders safely and in compliance with OSHA and NFPA standards.

Store your portable Medical Gas Cylinders safely and in compliance with OSHA requirements. SECURALL Oxygen Gas Cylinder Storage Cabinets are designed to meet storage requirements for portable medical oxygen systems as set forth in: 

NFPA 99: Health Care Facilities Code, 2018 Edition              
NFPA 101: Life Safety Code, 2018 Edition              
NFPA 30: Flammable and Combustible Liquids Code, 2018 Edition              
OSHA Regulations

These lockable gas storage cabinets limit access to authorized personnel, protecting cylinders from theft, damage and/or tampering. The heavy-gauge, double-walled construction shields your cylinders from heat, sparks and flame, while separating them from flammable and combustible materials.

Designed for D- and E-size cylinders up to 33-3/4" long x 4-1/4" diameter, and H-size cylinders up to 60” long x 9-1/4” diameter. Fire lining available. Standard color is MG Green for full cylinder cabinet, White for partial cylinder cabinet and Red for empty cylinder cabinet.

Healthcare organizations such as hospitals, nursing homes, and emergency medical services will be prepared for their 3-year JCAHO accreditation survey when their oxygen cylinders are stored safely in Securall MedGas Cabinets. Securall proudly manufactures the highest quality safety storage products available. Securall Gas Cylinder Storage Cabinets are available for storage of D, E, and H cylinders in varying capacities to meet any storage need. In stock for immediate delivery.

Storing Full, Partial & Empty Cylinders - Are you in compliance??

Improper storage of medical gas cylinders poses a number of hazards to patients and staff. The National Fire Protection Association’s regulation NFPA 99-1999 section 4- mandates requirements for storing nonflammable gas cylinders. The Joint Commission requires compliance with the NFPA requirements under Environment of Care standards EC.02.06.01, EP 1 and EC.02.03.01, EP 1.

Segregate cylinders: The Joint Commission requires organizations to segregate full, partial and empty cylinders by physically separating and clearly labeling the cylinders. Once a cylinder valve is opened, it is considered empty, even if gas remains in the cylinder. For storage purposes, any opened cylinders must be physically separated from full (unopened) cylinders.

Securall offers separate product lines to store Full, Partial, and Empty Cylinders. Optional adjustable divider is available to segregate cylinders for 9-12 and 21-24 cylinder storage cabinets.





Technical Details

Available with manual or self-closing doors.            
Lockable flush-mounted paddle handle.            
Conspicuous labeling in English and Spanish.            
Full length piano hinges.            
Reinforced 18-gauge all-welded construction            
Shipped fully assembled.            
Optional caster assembly available.            
Finished in 2 coats of OSHA Safety Green urethane.            
Non-sparking aluminum dividers.


Standard Features

All Securall cabinets are built to the highest quality specifications. Whether you are storing dangerous flammable chemicals or you need a cabinet for heavy industrial tools, we have the perfect cabinet for your needs. If you have a special situation that requires a customized design, we will welcome the opportunity to work with you to provide a safe storage solution. All cabinets comply with current OSHA regulations and are designed in accordance with the standards of NFPA Code 30. Popular models are FM Approved.

    Securall Safety Cabinets have Structurally Reinforced 18-Gauge Double Wall All Welded Construction throughout.

  • DOUBLE WALL CONSTRUCTION WITH 1 ½” AIR SPACE                      
    Securall cabinets have Double Wall Construction with 1 ½" Air Space throughout the cabinet design.

  • 2" DEEP LEAK PROOF SILL                      
    Securall cabinets are built with an OSHA compliant leak proof sill 2" Deep to prevent leakage in the event of accidental spills.

  • NON-SPARKING , 3-POINT, SELF-LATCHING DOORS                      
    Each Securall cabinet is outfitted with FM required Non-Sparking, 3-Point, Self-Latching door(s) for safe and complete closure every time.

    Securall Self Closing Cabinet - Self closing mechanism segregated from interior of cabinet and contents stored.

    Self-Closing cabinets come with Fusible Link Assembly. Link melts at 165 F for automatic closure in case of fire. Self closing mechanism segregated from hazard area.

  • STATIC GROUNDING CONNECTION                      
    All Securall cabinets come ready with an FM defined static ground connection, comprised of a NFPA compliant 5/16 - 18 x ½” Zinc Plated Grounding Bolt.

  • LARGE WARNING LABEL                      
    Securall cabinets have a Large Warning Label to identify the type of material stored within the unit. Also available in French and Spanish.

  • ADJUSTABLE LEVELING LEGS                      
    Securall cabinets are equipped with four adjustable Zinc Plated Leveling Legs for placement on uneven surface areas.

  • FLUSH MOUNTED LOCKING HANDLE                      
    All Securall safety cabinets come standard with a Flush Mounted Locking Handle for smooth finger-tip operation.

  • FULL LENGTH, HEAVY-DUTY PIANO HINGES                      
    Securall double-wall doors are secured to unit on full length, Heavy-Duty Piano Hinges for maximum security and limited vapor release.

Paint Color

The interior and exterior finish consists of an aliphatic polyurethane finish. This polyurethane coating has chemical properties to withstand salt spray, chemical rub, fading due to UV exposure, and other tests performed to epoxy paints. Urethane is more durable under conditions when moving items in and out of the cabinet as it resists chipping and peeling. Unless some other color is specified, cabinets will ship in designated standard color. For custom colors, customer must provide a paint chip.

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